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Our theme for the month: “Walking with Jesus” and we will be going through the book of John. We are encouraging you to dig deep into John and study the life of Jesus.

  • Who is He?

  • What did He do?

  • What was He like?

  • How did He live?

  • How did He love?

Ask the Spirit to open your eyes and help you see Jesus with new eyes. Not eyes that see through our cultural lens, personal circumstances or assumptions.

“Spirit, teach us Jesus. We want to know Him and walk with Him. We want a relationship, not a religion.”

Some tools to help you…

Resources/Study Tools for the book of John

  1. Comprehension Phase

  2. What does it say - read the passage multiple times. (read the book in its entirety to see the big picture)

  3. Annotate - taking notes (I like using the journal Bible, or you can print out the scripture and mark it up!) Look for keywords, repetitive words, themes, transition words (but, for, likewise, therefore, etc)

  4. Lists - example Philippians 4:8 (we see a list of ideas).

  5. Comparison and contrasts - Comparison - “You were dead in your sins, now you are alive in Christ.” Command - “Love the Lord God.”

2. Interpretation -

  1. Read from different versions

  2. Cross references

  3. Blue Letter Bible app

  4. Paraphrase - write it in your own words.

  5. Commentaries (see below for ideas)

  6. Culture

3. Application

  1. What did this passage reveal about God/Jesus character?

  2. What did this reveal about myself?

  3. How does this Truth change me?



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June 2022 Vision Board
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